Retired bishop urges leaders, citizens to prioritize peace

Enock Tombe, the retired Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rajaf in South Sudan's Jubek State has urged all political parties, stakeholders and citizens to prioritize the implementation of the peace agreement so as to improve the country's economy.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Thursday, Tombe said the church welcomed the extension of the pre-transitional period, saying it will enable the parties to adequately address all the critical issues ahead of the formation of the transitional government in November 2019.

We are grateful and congratulate the parties for extending the pre-transitional period for the next six months to complete all the critical tasks. We want complete end to violence and killing of people should stop. The issues of federalism, security sector and the number of states boundaries need to be addressed peacefully, said Tombe.

He called for a nonviolent approach and inclusive dialogue to address all pending issues without returning country back to war.

The retired bishop also appealed to the country's leaders to be transparent and tell the truth to the citizens. He further called upon South Sudanese to own the peace agreement, saying churches across the country stand in support of its implementation.

The leaders should fulfill their promises signed in the peace agreement. There might be problems that may arise, but let's be honest and never lie to ourselves, stressed Tombe.

He added, To our citizens, the leaders have tried their best by signing the peace, let's own and support the peace agreement.

Meanwhile, Tombe urged the parties that signed the agreement to develop an action plan for the extended period to timely implement all provisions so that the government is formed without further delay.

We should come out with a plan of action for these six months not to expire without anything tangible so that the government is formed without any delay. The Vatican visit was very good and the promises they made were very good, but let's be sincere and apologize to ourselves on mistakes made so that God can bless us, said Tombe.

Early this month, South Sudan's rival parties agreed on a six-month extension to implement next steps in the fragile peace deal. The extension came after the main opposition group threatened to boycott the formation of a unity government on May 12, 2019.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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