Responce to Some Media Reports on the Trial of Foreign Aid worker and Sudanese Citizens

I want here to respond to some articles on a foreign aid worker and other Sudanese citizens whom accused recently of crimes against Sudanese National Security. Some circles want to portray them as innocent victims that arrested unfairly by the government of Sudan because it is against religion freedoms.

Yes, the two of Sudanese citizens are pastors, but it is absolutely false this was the reason. Being a member of any a religion sect is not a reason to be immune from law and justice if there are evidences of any kind of involvement in criminal activities. The mentioned citizens and the foreign aid worker have been accused of crimes against Sudanese national security. The Sudanese government is responsible of protecting the national security of the country and the rights of its people in safety, security and to be protected from rebel and armed movements and whoever provides those militias with any kind of support. It doesn't make any difference if the accused person uses religion or humanitarian organization to cover his deeds or connections with criminal organizations. The mentioned people are being justly tried before an independent Sudanese court that made the process of the trial transparent and open to the public and foreign diplomatic missions including the US Embassy to Sudan.

The related authorities provided some materials and recorded evidences of the involvement of the mentioned persons in espionage and crimes against the state.

This trial has nothing to do with religion, color or race; other Muslims who are involved in this very case are facing the same case.

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Sudan

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