Resident shot dead in Sudan’s South Kordofan sparking protests

A resident of Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan, was shot by a shepherd on Thursday. In response, people took to the streets to protest continuing insecurity in and around the town.

The protestors also blocked the highway north of Kadugli with burning tyres and stones, a relative of the victim told Radio Dabanga.

The victim was watering cows in a creek adjacent to the El Shaeer district in northern Kadugli, when a herdsman suddenly shot at him. He was seriously injured and had to be transferred to Kadugli Hospital.

The source said that the residents of the Morta neighbourhoods went out to demonstrate against the incident, condemning the recurrent violence in Kadugli.

The Governor of South Kordofan imposed a number of measures in the state capital of Kadugli last week, in an attempt to contain the violent incidents in the town. The Sudanese Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) reported that two activists were beaten up in the South Kordofan capital last week.

At the start of January, Radio Dabanga reported on the recent surge in violence and crime in South Kordofan.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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