Regional synergy: A boon…

Since taking office, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has made astronomical changes externally as much as he did internally. Ever since his inaugural speech which also resonated till this very moment the Prime Minister has taken the message of togetherness and warm ties to almost all member states of the region wining hearts and minds of respective leaders and people.
His message of collaboration flickers a new era of peace, reconciliation and unity to the Horn region rocked by years of confrontations and recurrent conflicts. But the objective of his visits to the neighboring countries and middle east is not only of diplomatic or political relations , the Prime Minister's tours mainly focused on fostering economic integration which the host countries agreed to the path the Premier embarked on.
Equally, the Prime Minister made remarkable achievements pertaining to resuming peace with Eritrea, creating mutual trust with Egypt,strengthening bilateral ties with many other nations.
Above all , the normalization of ties with Eritrea dramatically changes the geopolitical undertakings in many ways that could massively promote economic cooperation among the member countries of the region. Ethiopia's intention towards smooth relation with Eritrea transcends beyond resuming peace talks. If the current vibe continues to gain momentum, it is inevitable that the trade and investment is between the two people will surly flourish as had been in the old good days. Laden with lots of advantages, resuming ties defines a strategic partnership of economic and security cooperation between both countries.
By the same token, at the heart of the Premier's visits to Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti was on port and joint corridor economic zone developments. With such moves Ethiopia is on right truck to securing several port deals and expand its alternatives on the face of global trade competitiveness. Ethiopia's priority of establishing strong economic relation , investment with neighboring and regional countries targets , to speed up integration in the east Africa region through development facilities including electricity, road and rail way transport facilities and jointly building new ports.
Developing port includes the installation of infrastructural facilities and providing logistic services is important for country's products to be competitive in terms of price and quality at international market. The agreement in principle is a mammoth step that ushers in a new era of cooperation that is already in the making.
From the joint Moyale planned development project to the Kenya's Lamu port development and expansion, Ethiopia and Kenya have also reached in absolute consensus to undertake road network construction connecting Addis Ababa to Nairobi.
With regard to Ethiopia-Somalia relations, the leaders of the two countries agreed to strive for boosting economic ties through development of seaports and construction of main roads. The countries also agreed to deepen trade and investment ties by removing barriers to allow free movements of goods and services, also reached in agreement to invest in logistic and service provision. Not only does this propel Ethiopia's growth but also gives hope to Somalia , a country that has been tagged as war banner by the global community.
Similarly, the Prime Minister is also seeking ways to enhance bilateral cooperat ion frameworks with Uganda and Rwanda. Besides solving differences in areas of Nile utilization ,there had been meeting of minds between the leaders of Ethiopia and Egypt that the relation of both countries should deepen to other trade and investment areas. This is a remarkable stride and a good news for a relation that has been mainly boils down to the issue of river Nile.
With regard to bolstering ties with Middle east countries , the new leadership have achieved several progress yielding fruits right away. The UAE’s move to invest 3 billion USD aid and investments in Ethiopia is part of the success. Of which the total amount of aid and investment, 1 billion USD will be deposited in the National Bank of Ethiopia targeting at easing sever foreign currency shortage and the remaining 2billion USD will serve to finance various investments in the country.
The Premier's trip to Saudi and UAE also would create ample job opportunities for Ethiopian labor force and avoid the mayhem illegal migrant face by ensuring safe ways of travel. To sum up , these diplomatic success and synergy would inject another energy to the ongoing economic progress being registered in the country.

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