Red Sea flour workers strike continues

The open-ended strike of workers at government-owned SEEN Flour Company in the Red Sea state demanding better wages entered its third consecutive day yesterday.

Journalist Amin Sinada reported that the workers open strike began on Monday as part of the revolutionary work in the country, which includes the categories of workers and technicians, demanding the improvement of wages and working environment.

He confirmed that there are signs of bread crisis in Port Sudan because of the strike and the stop of the Gulf Factory belonging to SEEN Company, which provides flour quota in the state, in addition to the private Sayga and Weta companies.

The masses of Port Sudan in the Red Sea state have stepped up the pace of movement by arrival of more marches to the sit-in in front of the General Staff after the statements made by the military council.

Amin Sinada told Radio Dabanga that the protesters expressed their anger and rejection of the statements of the Transitional Military Council and extended the barricades to a long distance inside the city.

Sinada pointed out that most of the speeches are in the framework of handing power to a civilian government and that the disbanding of the sit-in require full meeting of the demands of the forces of Freedom and Change.

El Gedaref

The residents of El Gedaref and Doka in eastern Sudan went out in demonstrators on Wednesday calling on the leadership of the military council to change the acting governor accused of still using staff who worked in the former regime.

They stressed that the acting governor has not implement any of the demands and has continued to procrastinate in achieving the demands of the street. Some of them considered him an extension to the rule of the past.

They announced their commitment to the choices of revolution until all the demands are achieved including smooth transition to civil authority, the prevalence of the spirit of freedom and transition to civil life.


The forces of Freedom and Change in Berber in River Nile state began a sit-in in the municipal park adjacent to the locality headquarters on Tuesday to demand the implementation of the terms of the memorandum, which was handed over to the locality commissioner on Friday.

The memorandum contains 19 demands including the dissolution of the locality security committee as the first responsible for any bullet that killed a martyr, wounded person or intimidated a citizen, in addition to arresting former regime figures.

Abdelazim Badawi of the leadership of the forces of Freedom and Change in Berber said the sit-in aims at raising awareness among the public through speeches and orientation on the latest developments and solidarity with the sit-in in the front of the General Command of the Sudanese army in Khartoum.

He pointed out to the arrival of a delegation of forces of Freedom and Change from Nile River state to place of the sit-in in Berber Municipal Park where they addressed the crowd.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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