RCCI wants FBR staff to treat traders with respect

RAWALPINDI –  Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s newly-elected president Raja Amer Iqbal has said that business community is standing shoulder to shoulder with government, political and military leadership.
The government should provide conducive environment for boosting trade and industry, he said.

“Three and a half years have been passed, and overall performance of government on governance, transparency and law and order is satisfactory but it is not up to the mark.
An agile effort is required to thumb down negative indicators.
Cutting off trade relations with India is totally dependent on Modi’s attitude.
Traders will stand with armed forces in case of Indian aggression.
We have other options too to boost further economic ties with other regional countries.
Trade relations with Central Asia and Europe can be further capitalized,” he said while addressing a press conference at the chamber premises, here on Thursday.

He appreciated China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and termed it as a game changer for the region.
“Establishing industrial zones under this multi-billion project will help national economy and creating thousands of jobs,” he added.
Govt deserves appreciation for improving law and order situation, increase in direct taxation, stock market performance in last three years and setting up an online portal for addressing issues pertaining to overseas Pakistanis.

However, Raja Amer Iqbal criticized government for not addressing the grievances of certain sectors, especially agriculture, textile and leather industry.
He referred to neighboring country India where lucrative incentives were given to farmers and growers, like low mark up loans, subsidies in electricity bills and lesser custom duties on agri machinery.

RCCI President shown concern over increase in national debt, unemployment, circular debt and power outages and said that despite having low prices of oil, government could not improve the power production.
He said imposing multiple taxes and tax recovery is not the only business of government.

“Harassing traders in the name of collecting taxes must be stopped.
Sealing business centers and closing bank accounts will further derail the economy.
FBR and income tax staff should treat traders with respect.

While answering a question, Raja Amer categorically said that trade relations with India are dependent on their government’s approach.
In case of worst circumstances traders will be on front line along with government and forces.

RCCI senior vice president Rashid Waien, vice president Asim Malik, group leaders Sheikh Shabir, Sohail Altaf, SM Naseem, former presidents, members of the executive committee and trade associations representatives, Sheikh Sadiq, Shahid Ghafoor Paracha, Arshad Awan, Ch Iqbal, Tariq Jadoon and others were also present on the occasion.

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