Rada opens WTO government procurement market to Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has ratified Ukraine’s accession to the Agreement on Government Procurement within the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Some 243 deputies voted for the law on ratification of the Agreement on Government Procurement (No. 0085).

According to an explanatory note to the document, the aim of the law adoption is Ukraine’s accession to the WTO agreement and the introduction of agreement provisions in the territory of Ukraine, which will become a kind of signal for the international community that Ukraine is pursuing a correct policy of reforming the public procurement system, establishing an effective and transparent trading environment with the reduction of corrupt practices.

The implementation of the agreement provisions will promote Ukraine’s active integration with the EU.

The explanatory note says current legislation in Ukraine’s public procurement market is applicable to all agreement signatories, but that markets of member states who have signed the agreement are closed for Ukrainian business.

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