Raad from Nabatieh: To boost ties with Syria

Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary bloc MP, Mohammad Raad, stressed the necessity to improve relations with Syria at all levels and in all directions.

MP Raad’s stance came on Sunday during a meeting organized by Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party in Nabatieh in presence of MP Ali Bazzi, Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, and other figures.

Raad said that the image of the Arab region in light of Syria’s fight against terrorism would be different.

He hailed the major operation carried out by the Lebanese Army in the northeastern town of Arsal on Friday, pointing out that said operation proved the army’s readiness to take action in order to eradicate terrorists in Arsal outskirts.

MP Ali Bazzi, called for the formation of a government of national unity, not for a cabinet that increases the representation of certain parties at the expense of others.

The Syrian Ambassador talked in his speech about the plot hatched against his country, adding that the army and the people of this country, supported by the allies who defend the dignity of human being, are triumphing against terrorism throughout Syria.

Source: National News Agency

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