Quebec has immigration plan worth flagging up

SNP MSP Colin Beattie’s infantile motion at Holyrood, calling for Westminster to “take speedy action” over the reduction in weight of Toblerones, claiming it was “emblematic of the devastating consequences” of Brexit, should have marked the nadir in his party’s response to the UK’s impending withdrawal from the European Union.

Sadly it didn’t. Step forward Nicola Sturgeon and her latest grandstanding wheeze to push for Scotland to be allowed to join the European Free Trade Association and European Economic Area.

Theresa May’s handling of Brexit is without doubt a mess. But the first minister’s response isn’t far behind. Yet, while Sturgeon grandstands, hatching grandiose, undeliverable post-Brexit fantasies for Scotland, she is missing the big EU-related issue at home.

Last month Sturgeon called for Scotland to…

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