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Impact of Brexit is Anyone’s Guess
Jason Obradovich
EVP of Capital Markets
New American Funding
“So what really is the impact of Brexit? The answer is about as definitive as a Fed rate change. At this point, there is only speculation with little fact or ability to predict the future. Brexit could be the start of a large trend of a dismantling of the EU. Lawyers could hold up and stop the Brexit. Fears of the damage Brexit causes globally could be overstated. The impact to Britain could be overstated, or understated. Everything is a possibility at this point. I would expect continued volatility until the picture of reality begins to appear. The impact of Brexit is difficult to determine right now and it could be months before it becomes clear. In the interim, I would focus on the global picture of continued challenges and a FOMC completely uncertain when to increase rates. The economy certainly has not given them reason. In my opinion, we may settle into a lower range in rates than what we saw earlier this year when the 10yr traded between 1.60 and 2.00%. I would call 1.40% the floor with the possibility of moving up to 1.80%. If we hold below 1.40% for a week, then a new range may be established and volatility could really heat up. It’s anyone’s guess.”
Obradovich graduated with a degree in economics from the University of California, San Diego and has become known for his U.S. financial market commentary. He spent 13 years at Countrywide Bank, where he served as portfolio manager. He also ran the Secondary Marketing pricing and trading desks, trading more than $1 trillion in mortgages. Before joining New American Funding in June of 2013, he served as first vice president of secondary marketing at Kinecta Federal Credit Union. His vast experience has spanned some of the most unprecedented market environments providing a noteworthy perspective for his commentary.
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