Prof. Al-Dekheiri affirms Sudan's cooperation with African Union and Arab League

Khartoum, Nov. 2 (SUNA) – The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Ibrahim Adam Al-Dekheiri has underlined Sudan’s cooperation with the African Union and the Arab League in the next phase which requires concerted and coordinated efforts to address the challenges of food crisis, rising global oil prices and population increases under the current circumstances in the African and Arab world.
Prof. Al-Dekheiri praised, when he addressed a Conference on Consolidation of African- Arab Trade and the Investment for Acceleration of Agricultural Development and Improvement of Food Security under the auspices of the First Vice-President of the Republic at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel with the participation of delegations from 65 Arab countries, the efforts undertaken by the African Union and the Arab League to develop the agricultural sector to meet the challenges facing food, agriculture and rural development through the support of the issue of production and exploitation of ways and means to achieve food security and sustainable development.
The minister pointed out that Sudan has been working to achieve social objectives by focusing on poverty alleviation and food security. So that for the importance of the issue President of the Republic launched Sudan initiative “Investment for the Arab Food Security” which was welcomed by the Developmental and Socio-Economic Summit in Riyadh in 2013 , stressing that his country attaches agricultural investment special attention, where it established the Higher Investment Council chaired by the President of the Republic and ministry specialized in investment to facilitate procedures and enforce legislation and investment laws, adding that Sudan established at the national level a technical secretariat for food security, which specializes in implementation of policies and programs for strategic and productive projects to achieve food security at the federal and state levels. The minister revealed that Sudan held at mid-October of this year the conference of stakeholders and the donors in the framework of the national plan for agricultural investment in Sudan to make the agricultural sector capable of rapid and sustainable growth to support the agricultural industrialization, which comes in the framework of the comprehensive program for the agricultural development in Africa and the Document on the Strategic Opportunities was prepared for the year 2015-2018 to be one of the most important pillars of the future plan.
Prof. Al-Dekheiri said that Sudan focused on agriculture and gave it priorities by allocation of resources and funding to achieve sustainable development because more than 70% of the Sudan’s population depend on agriculture and the share of agricultural sector constitutes about 85% of non-oil exports, pointing out that the state has paid attention to the global economic integration through its efforts to join the World trade Organization, adding that Sudan extends its agricultural and water capabilities to its Arab and African brothers to achieve food security, referring to the impediments facing Sudan such as the unilateral economic sanctions imposed upon it which limit the movement of investment, capital flow and the import of production inputs a matter that hinders sustainable development , calling on the Arab and African world to stand against unfair decisions.
He pointed out that Sudan was one among here which are expected to achieve global food security, calling for action, coordination and cooperation among all Arab and African organizations and corporations working in the agricultural sector to achieve food security, hoping that Khartoum Declaration at the end of this conference to be a good omen for the Arab and African communities.
It is to be recalled that the outcomes of this conference are to be submitted to the Summit of Leaders in Mobutu in the middle of this month of November.

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