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Presidents al-Assad, Raisi sign understanding memo on comprehensive long-term strategic cooperation plan

President Bashar al-Assad and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi signed Wednesday a memo of understanding on long-term comprehensive strategic cooperation plan between the two countries.

The two sides also signed a number of cooperation agreements in various areas, including the agriculture, oil, transport, free zones, communications and other domians.

At a news briefing, President al-Assad said “Economic issues were at the core of our talks today. The memo of understanding signed and the numerous projects discussed will greatly advance the bilateral relations through developing mechanisms to increase trade exchange and investments between the two countries. In addition, they will mitigate the impacts of sanctions, taking advantage of changes in the global economic map and the gradual transition of balance to the East, which will liberate international economics from western hegemony.”

President al-Assad added: “Many issues were discussed today, foremost of which was the colonial powers’ attempts to undermine the stability of countries and divide them, which is an old colonial policy, but it still exists today. The most effective way to confront them is to take advantage of the current positive opportunities represented by the improvement of relations between a number of countries in our region after decades of tension, based on the axiom that the countries and peoples of the region win together or lose together.”

President al-Assad went on to say: “In that context, we welcomed the development of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it will have a great positive impact on the immunity of countries in this important part of the world. This immunity is what we need most today in the face of the abnormal Zionist entity that only survives on blood and death.

The President said: “Within the framework of the quadripartite meeting held in Moscow, we stressed the importance of this initiative, while making sure that its core and goal is the withdrawal of the occupying forces and halting support for terrorist groups as a natural way to restore normal relations between any two countries. I thanked President Raisi for the active role that Iran plays alongside Russia in making this important initiative a success.

President Raisi, for his part, said that the two sides discussed means of boosting relations in all fields and “We expressed Iran’s keenness to maintain better ties with all countries in the region.”

He also underscored that memos of understanding, especially those in the economic and trade areas, will be in the interest of expanding relations between the two countries.

The Iranian President said: “I thank the friendly country and President of the Syrian Arab Republic for this invitation, and the warm hospitality for the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We also thank the people who withstood all measures made by terrorist organizations, starting from America, Western countries, and some countries in the region that tried to divide Syria, and tried to kill and destroy, kill women and children, and more destruction and injustice that they practiced against this people.”

President Raisi said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always affirmed its support for resistance and steadfastness… We stand by the Syrian government and people… We stand with the Syrian people who confronted the takfiri groups… Today the Syrian people got rid of the takfiri groups.. And today we stand by the Syrian people during the stage of reconstruction, and we will stand by it, and we trust that the Syrian people and the Syrian government will continue this path. What remains is a shame for all parties that committed assassinations and carried out terrorism against the Syrian people, who feel proud after years of steadfastness.

“We are in the process of developing our relations with countries of the region, and we will seek to expand them without the presence of foreigners… The presence of foreigners does not establish security, they do not bring us security, rather they disturb the security of the region, and it is appropriate for the American forces to leave the region quickly. The way to establish security and ensure Syrian sovereignty is the withdrawal of illegal foreign forces, and restoring Syrian sovereignty over all Syrian lands is through the exit of these forces, and Syrian sovereignty must be respected over all Syrian lands.” The Iranian President said.

President Raisi concluded by saying: “I hope that all memorandums of understanding, especially in the economic and trade fields, will be in the interest of the two countries and in expanding relations between them. We extend our hands to all the countries of the region and all the neighbors. This is our priority, and we extend our hands to them. We believe that this relationship and such memorandums of understanding can cut off the hands of foreigners from our region. We renew once again our appreciation, respect and thanks to His Excellency President of the Republic Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian people for hosting the Iranian delegation.”

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


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