Presidency of Republic of United Mexican S : Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Johann Schneider-Ammann of Switzerland discuss Mexico’s Structural Reforms.

.PEMEX is preparing to be a global competitor; we are promoting its development as a productive state enterprise that must compete with other oil producers: EPN.The agreement signed today on education will enrich the public policy of our country to consolidate a higher quality educational model for the benefit of Mexican children and youth, said the Mexican president.Mexico is a very important destination for the Swiss economy. Swiss direct investments in Mexico amount to nine billion Swiss francs: Johann Schneider-Ammann.At the National Palace, President Enrique Peña Nieto today received President of the Swiss Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann, currently on a state visit to Mexico at his invitation, within the framework of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations.In a press statement, President Peña Nieto announced that he spoke with the Swiss president regarding the agenda of structural reforms Mexico has promoted in the past four years, ‘Which open up new windows of opportunity to make investments on the basis of the enormous potential Mexico represents today’.He said that they discussed changes in various areas, ‘particularly the energy sector, which our country has undoubtedly opened up’. He added that, ‘Today we are promoting PEMEX’s development as a state enterprise, a company that must compete with other oil producers that also exploit hydrocarbons’.‘Pemex is preparing to be a global competitor,’ he said, recalling that yesterday the state enterprise ‘presented its new business plan to achieve further consolidation and strengthen its financial condition’.He said that this will be possible, ‘As the result of an Energy Reform that now allows it to form partnerships with the private sector for all the productive processes carried out by this great national enterprise’.He stressed that a window of opportunity is also being opened for, ‘Countries that wish to participate in these partnership processes PEMEX is determined to engage in to grow and expand its production platform; in other words, to produce more oil and develop new fields to exploit, and above all, to venture into deepwater petroleum production for the first time.Within the framework of President Schneider-Ammann’s state visit, the two countries signed five cooperation agreements in various fields: education and culture, technical and vocational training, industry, medicine, and regular air services. The presidents of Mexico and Switzerland also signed a Joint Declaration reflecting the achievements and aspirations of the bilateral relationship in various spheres.The Mexican president stressed that bilateral cooperation goes beyond the economic sphere, adding that the agreement signed today in education is designed to, ‘Enhance our country’s public policies to consolidate an educational model of higher quality for the benefit of Mexican childhood and youth’.He added that it will also make it possible to, ‘Continue promoting what we have proposed in our country: to achieve higher quality education in our educational system, and find in the Swiss model a reference that will enrich our efforts to ensure quality education in Mexico’.‘We should recall that trade between the two countries stands at $3.5 billion USD, and that Switzerland and Mexico have a shared vision: to remain as two countries whose economies are open to the world, so that in this global world with fewer borders, we can take advantage of the great advantages given to us by this world stage and continue promoting free trade, boosting the competitiveness of our countries and the productive capacities of our nations to achieve two important purposes: more job creation and the intensification of our trade,’ he added.He thanked Switzerland for its support in the negotiation process of the modernization of the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Free Trade Association, to which Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland belong.President Peña Nieto declared that Switzerland is one of the countries, ‘Which has undoubtedly found in Mexico a reliable destination to invest in and to contribute significantly to job creation’.He recalled that over 800 Swiss companies have investments in our country, as a result of which the Mexico-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been opened up.The Mexican president subsequently hosted a luncheon in honor of the Swiss president. There, he said that, ‘Our similar values and visions will allow us to tap the huge potential opportunities for the benefit of both societies’.‘We are commemorating the 70th anniversary of the formal establishment of diplomatic relations. This has involved many years of friendship, cooperation, and a significant presence of Swiss people and companies in Mexico,’ he added.MEXICO AND SWITZERLAND ARE CHARACTERIZED BY THEIR OPENNESS TO THE WORLD:PRESIDENTE JOHANN SCHNEIDER-AMMANNPresident of the Swiss Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann said that, ‘Mexico is a very important destination for the Swiss economy,’ adding that 70 years of bilateral diplomatic relations, ‘Have brought us a long way and now, with the agreements that have been signed, ‘This has been emphasized and strengthened to create conditions for the next 70 years’.He hoped that the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries, redefined in 2015, will be able to be renewed next year. He explained that two negotiations have already been undertaken for this purpose.He explained that during this visit, he has been accompanied by the representatives of 25 Swiss companies. ‘For Switzerland, this is a high number, and these companies, which are already in Mexico, provide a total of over 50,000 jobs,’ he said.He reported that direct investment from Switzerland in Mexico stands at 9 billion Swiss francs, which, he explained, ”Makes us the 8th largest investor in Mexico, showing that Switzerland discovered a partner in Mexico some time ago, to create a win-win situation for both’.He welcomed the additional connectivity agreed on and the opening up of the markets. ‘This is just what we need to promote our trade relations. And we do this with the aim of creating value and converting this value into workplaces, in both Mexico and Switzerland’.In the field of cooperation, he highlighted the Mexican-Swiss Dual Training Partnership, which includes both theoretical and practical teaching.Later on, in his toast at dinner, he declared that he was pleased to see that in recent years, relations between the two countries have been deepened and enhanced. ‘To date, Mr. President, relations between our countries have been very strong, thanks to trade. Both countries are characterized by their openness to the world,’ he said.He said that as Federal President, but also as Swiss Secretary of Economy, Education and Research, he is very proud to see that Mexico and Switzerland do not take the relationship for granted, but are committed to it and enthusiastically take care of it.He declared that he wishes to encourage collaboration and care, ‘And ensure that our citizens have opportunities, which means we can create more jobs and be competitive’.Presidency of the Republic of the United Mexican States published this content on 05 November 2016 and is solely responsible for the information contained herein.
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