Poor Harvest Expected In South Sudan Following Raging Floods

Floods in South Sudan has led to destruction of large scale farms which most predict will lead to a poor harvest this year. Aweil East and Aweil State residents now fear that the flooding may bring along water borne diseases as well.

Poor Harvest Expected In South Sudan Following Raging Floods

A farmer tends to her crops during a previous favorable rain season[File photo by Lioto Samuel]

By Agoth Abraham

MALUAL-KHON, 30 August 2016 [Gurtong] – Some residents have blamed the government of South Sudan for failing to construct a proper drainage system that would help prevent the flooding that is experienced almost every year. Wol Lual is a large scale farmerwhose crops have been destroyed by floods. He is frustrated because he solely depends on farming for a livelihood.

“This year has completely affected me and my family. Because I had hope that this year I will produce many crops with huge profits afterwards, but now all the hopes are lost. I ‘m worried as to where my children will eat from since this is the only business they depend on.” He explained.

Bol Chol Kuol who grows sorghum and groundnuts says he has lost hope in farming because the rainfalls in the area are unpredictable.

“This is what is affecting agriculture in South Sudan because when one farms and such tragedies like these happens leaving one in a dilemma and resorts not to farm, they say South Sudanese are lazy. This is because our rainfalls are unpredictable and unstoppable. Look at these messes now!” Chol said angrily.

In Aweil South, Panthou, Nyieth, Wathmuok, Muochdit and Auechlieeck have been reported to be impassable following the heavy rains. Just recently the Deputy Governor of Aweil East State,Garang Garang Deng paid a visit to farms affected by floods to see the extent of the damage cost.

At least 5000 feddans of farms were reported to have been destroyed by the floods. Aweil East State Minister of Agriculture, Garrang Malong Awan said that thousands of households have also been displaced by the current floods in the country.

Madhol Commissioner, Garang Malong Yor said the communities have done their best to cultivate this year but are now facing a setback due to the heavy rains.

“The crops have been destroyed by floods and these communities you see here are suffering and they have no alternatives for survival.” He explained. He appealed to the government of the State to provide those affected with humanitarian assistance.

Meanwhile the Commissioner of Wunlang County, Thiel Deng Thiel on said low land areas have been adversely affected and require the much need assistance in order to survive.

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