Police in Gogrial West investigate man for killing sister

The police in Gogrial West of Warrap State are investigating a man for allegedly killing his sister and disappearing from the village in August last year.

Major Majak Malony, Gogrial West County Police Inspector, told Radio Tamazuj that a murder case against 35-year-old Deng Anyuon Akol was opened on Monday this week. He is accused of killing his sister identified as Awein Anyuon Akol.

Notwithstanding ongoing investigations, the police said there is not sufficient evidence to pin and charge the accused.

“We have arrested only one suspect, the suspect is accused of the crime of killing his sister, but there is no concrete proof. She died in August last year and he was not arrested because they are siblings. The one who opened a case of murder against him is his brother-in-law,’’ Major Malony said.

According to the police officer, the complainant said his wife was killed by her brother, Deng Anyuon. The deceased Awein Anyuon was found dumped in a water well.

For his part, Chan Wek, the Executive Director in Gogrial West County said the accused was arrested on Monday this week after he was accused of the death of his sister.

“The police said this person was brought yesterday (Monday), he was just arrested yesterday. This person killed his sister and disappeared in August. I was told that there were small differences between him and his sister at home, he is called Deng Anyuon Akol,’’ Wek said.

The incident occurred in Mayom, the headquarters of Alek North Payam, in Gogrial West County of Warrap State.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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