Pharmacist fired after taking part in Sudan general strike

The El Bawasil Pharmacy in Khartoum dismissed Dr Roua Bakir from work because of her participation in the general strike on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Central Pharmacists Committee denounced the arbitrary dismissal of Bakir from her work in the pharmacy, that is owned by Dr Mohamed Khatim Siddig.

The Central Pharmacists Committee stressed that the dismissal is a flagrant violation of the law and of the ethics of the profession. The committee confirmed in its statement that it will take all necessary legal and professional measures to ensure that Bakir will regain all her rights.

Comprehensive strike

On Thursday, members of the Sudanese Professionals Association working at the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company announced in a statement that a comprehensive strike will be held in all public administrations and distribution offices until the staff of the security department has been removed.

The security officers used violence and tried to prevent electricity workers from striking on Tuesday. The statement called on everyone to stand with us in the battle against the remnants of the former regime until the electricity sector is cleared from them.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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