Peace mediators propose power-sharing compromise between Sudan’s armed groups

(KHARTOUM) - The South Sudanese mediation presented a proposal to ensure a fair power-sharing between the armed groups that signed the Juba peace agreement with the Sudanese government on 3 October 2020.

In line with the peace deal, the armed groups shall participate in the transitional government together with the Forces for Freedom and Changes and the military component. They should get 75 parliamentary seats and 25% of the 26 cabinet’s portfolios.

However, different sources spoke about a disagreement over the power-sharing between the signatories of the peace agreement, noting that the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) has split into two factions since last year.

In a bid to end the power struggle between the SRF groups, the mediation submitted a proposal dated on 24 January seen by the Sudan Tribune.

Accordingly, the mediation proposed to give the armed groups of the Darfur track two seats in the Sovereign Council, 5 federal ministers, 45 seats in the transitional parliament and chair of a commission.

For the track of the Two-Areas represented by the SPLM-N Malik Agar, the mediation proposed a seat in the Sovereign Council, 12 seats in the Transitional Legislative Council, a federal minister and a chair of a commission.

For the eastern Sudan groups, the proposition gives them one federal minister six parliamentary seats. While the northern track is allocated four seats in the transitional parliament including a chairman of a parliamentary committee and minister of state. The Central Sudan track got four parliamentary seats including a deputy-chairman

The Third Front (Tamazuj), a group from the West Kordofan and Darfur border areas, won two seats in the legislative council, including the head of a parliamentary committee and a commission. The mediation also proposed to give a parliamentary seat for each of the Sudan Liberation Movement-Leadership Council and the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Mustafa Tayfour.

The South Sudanese mediation said its proposal takes into consideration the political weight of the groups and called to involve in the federal government all signatories of the peace agreement.

Also, the mediation called to represent the various tribes and ethnicities within the structures of the transitional authority and underscored the need to be committed to the participation of women by no less than 40%, especially in the Legislative Council.

Last week, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok urged the signatories of the peace process to submit their nominees for the ministerial positions to form his new cabinet.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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