Participants in the First Environment Conference: Disappearance of Green Belt around Khartoum brought by lack of pre-planning of land uses

Khartoum, 13 March (SUNA) – Participants in the sessions of the Khartoum environment conference argued that lack of green belt around Khartoum was a reflection of the lack of pre-planning uses of land in the country.

The participants who were discussing the desertification and desert creep papers in the Sudan, have called for reassessment of the desertification problem in the country through the use of modern technology to ascertain the reasons behind the phenomenon in each area of the country.

They argued this would help in drawing strategic plans to staff off the problem.

Other participants were of the view that it was imperative to take into consideration the experience of the people involved in farming and agriculture in the various regions, particularly those in Argi, north Sudan’s Shamalia State, as well as the experience of Salala, of the Sultanate of Oman that have been proved to be successful in combating desert creep and desertification.

The participants have also underlined the need to invigorate the environmental protection laws ratified by the Council of Ministers and also to revitalize the work of the National fund for Desert control as well as the activities of the higher council on Environment, through provision of adequate resources for the fund.

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