Paper recommends Growing acacia, Sayal for Combating Desertification

Khartoum, (Conference Bulletin) – The paper on the ” biological means for combating desertification by use of shelterbelts, presented by Dr. Nuha Ahmed Mutwali of the Agricultural Research Centre in Soba, has recommended growing Laoat, Sayal and Marakh trees in the form of saplings for combating desertification in Sudan.
The paper has reviewed the experiments for combating desertification and sand encroachment which was carried out at Al-Jawaseer area in Merowe Locality, the Northern State.
The paper referred to the ways adopted for reducing the movement of sands and combating desertification by use of green belts.
The conferees also discussed a paper on ” desertification in Sudan” which was presented by Dr. Abdul-Nasir Hanno of the university of Khartoum, Faculty of Forestry”.
The paper focused on the causes of desertification in Sudan which included climate change, over-grazing, removal of green cover and the population growth.
Dr. Hanno stated that Khartoum is affected by desertification more than other states, estimating the area affected by desertification in the country to be around 75 million hectares.
The paper referred to the economic and social impacts in Sudan.
The Secretary General of the Higher Council for Environment and Urban and Rural Development in Khartoum State, Dr. Al-Tigani Al-Assam, indicated that the issue of environment is top in the list of priorities at the level of Khartoum State and Sudan.
He said in a statement to SUNA that this conference has provided confidence for donors and financers about the government commitment to implement environment projects, adding that Khartoum State has announced its commitment to provide the local component with the aim to convince the donors about its seriousness to implement the environment projects.
He revealed that the Higher Council for Environment and Urban and Rural Promotion of Khartoum State is engaged its negotiations with representatives of environment funds for completing the sewage system network and the management of waste.
The expert in international relations, energy affairs and environment protection, Hassan Wali, has stressed the importance of getting finance and providing local component for implementing the environment projects, appreciating the efforts being exerted by the Ministry of Environment and the Higher Council for Environment and Urban and Rural promotion in Khartoum State.

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