A Palestinian fisherman, who was shot Friday night, by Egyptian naval forces, in southern Gaza Strip, died in a hospital in Rafah town, in Gaza, Saturday morning, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza.

Abdullah Zeidan, 32, was shot and critically wounded by the Egyptian soldiers, as he was fishing near the southern border town of Rafah, between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, the Health Ministry said, in a statement.

Egyptian officials have not yet made immediate comment on the incident.

The Fishermen Union, in the coastal enclave, has announced a suspension of fishing work in the region, to protest over the shooting of Zeidan, who was also a father of five.

Around 3,000 fishermen are currently working in the strip, under tight restrictions, imposed by the Israeli government, including diminishing the fishing area to six miles, and constant arrest of fishermen, according to the union.

Gaza fishermen have complained about the limited fishing zone, as it is not big enough to meet the demand of the two million population, in the coastal strip

Source: NAM News Network

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