North Darfur students support teachers’ strike

Students demonstrated in the North Darfur capital El Fasher yesterday to support the strike by their teachers that started on Monday.

The teachers demand the removal of figures of the former regime from the state Ministry of Education, localities, administrative units, and school administrations.

They also demand payment of salary arrears dating back to 2003, and payment of the 2017 Eid holiday grant.

The teachers further demand the dissolution of union bodies and professional associations � that they currently pay for as membership fees are deducted from their salaries. The teachers complain that these bodies and associations are closely associated with the deposed Al Bashir regime.

Joint committee

The governor of North Darfur met with the Teachers Committee yesterday. They decided to set up a joint committee to study the teachers' demands. It will comprise representatives of the state Ministries of Finance and Education and the Teachers Committee.

The committee will also compare the entitlements of the teachers in North Darfur with those of teachers in other states. The joint committee is to report to the governor as soon as possible.


During the meeting the governor announced that his government will pay 30 per cent of the arrears and two Eid grants to the teachers. He said the federal Ministry of Finance should pay the remaining percentage, because Eid grants to workers are a federal affair, he asserts.

The governor stressed he would do whatever is necessary to create a stable environment for the academic year and to confront any attempts to obstruct study by remnants of the former regime.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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