NFI and Emergency Shelter Distribution Report, 21 February 2019

Summary of Distribution

The distribution took place in Anakdiar payam in Baliet county. The information about the distribution was passed to the payam administrator and the community leaders 2 days before the distribution date. The venue of the distribution was also discussed during the visit. The list of the registered PSNs was shared with the community leaders to help in the mobilization. The distribution was conducted outside the payam administrator's office where more than 200 people gathered. Casual workers from the community were hired to do the offloading of the NFIs while HDC and UNHCR staff arranged the items according to different family sizes.

Before the distribution started, the community members who were gathered at the distribution site were informed about the target group in order for them to understand that the NFIs were only meant for the registered PSNs. The most vulnerable male and female PSNs were prioritized to receive the NFIs first.

A total of 173house holds equivalent to 1,011Were served.

The distribution considered the PSNs household and by so doing, it will enable the caregivers to treasure the PSN as an important person with whom she/he benefit on thus will prompt good care giving practices. The identification was conducted using UNHCR PSNs selection criteria and the list was shared with UNHCR during the items request.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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