NFI and Emergency Shelter Assessment/Verification Report- Juba

Situation overview

An IRNA was not carried out however these are households residing in POC1, who made a complaint to HI/ACTED (protection partner and camp management) via the CRM desk, regarding shelter assistance needed. Their complaints were then referred to Concern worldwide.


The household has been allocated an empty shelter by camp management, after they were found to be sleeping between two shelters. The household consists of 6 children (5-17 years old) and the head of household is under 18, as such they are very vulnerable.

The shelter team visited the shelter with the protection partner and household head to carry out the assessment and to verify their needs. As PoC1 has a limited number of empty shelters and little to no space to build, the shelter identified by camp management was therefore found to be in need of signification rehabilitation.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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