NFI and Emergency Shelter Analysis Report For Manikakara And Rubu

The conflict in Maridi State started on 07th June 2015 when unknown person threw a grenade to Dinka cattle's camp in Maridi and killed seven cattle's. The cattle's keepers who are ethnically Dinka retaliated against the residents. On the 08th June the periodic shooting started between Dinka cattle's keepers, SPLA and resident. It was reported that 14 people were killed and 10 injured ,196 houses burned down and several shops properties looted in the market. The town was deserted and people displaced to Mabirindi, Mboroko, Nagbaka, Mudubia and Rastigi bomas in the outskirts of Maridi town. It is estimated that 22301 people fled to the outskirts of Maridi town and 7699 people fled to Ibba centre, Madebe, and Manikakara payam in Ibba county and others to Yambio County. (July 05, 2015- IRNA Assessment Report)

However, the interviews with KIIs persons at the county, Payam and boma level stated that April- July 2017 fighting took place between youth of the area and armed In-opposition in Bangasu this also caused displacement of the people to Manikakakara.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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