New Sudan demos today amid call to end violence against demonstrators

Today’s procession in Khartoum towards the Republican Palace is expected to be coordinated alongside simultaneous demonstrations in cities throughout Sudan. These mass demonstrations, protesting the military coup led by El Burhan, are calling for full civilian rule and the return of the military to their barracks.

The Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination called on the Sudanese public to take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations today, heading towards the Republican Palace, from the southern parts of Khartoum.

The resistance committees in El Geneina, capital of West Darfur, announced their preparation and solidarity for the nationwide Marches of the Millions taking place today.

In an interview for Radio Dabanga’s programme, Voice of the States, Ahmed Khalil of the resistance committees in El Geneina said, that the resistance committees in the state, perform an essential role in the protest marches.

Regarding the resignation of Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, Ahmed Khalil said that this had no bearing on their efforts and explained that the radical changes demanded by the revolution have not been achieved since Hamdok’s period in power. Kahlil added that the violations taking place during the period of the former regime did not stop either, demonstrated by incidents of killing and displacement, including the events in Kereinek and Jebel Moon around West Darfur.

Khalil confirmed their capability in their responsibilities as a resistance committee, saying they continued to sacrifice in defiance of the current crisis, to reach a charter that achieves their aspirations.

At the international level, Britain and the USA hold the military authorities in Sudan responsible for human rights violations, saying that they undermined current national legislation and international law.

Other European countries and the USA called in a joint statement to stop attacks on hospitals, detainment of activists and journalists and the imposed blackouts of Sudan’s internet and communication services.

They also decried the dozens of protesters killed and the hundreds wounded, as well as the numerous incidents of sexual violence perpetrated at the hands of security forces and other armed groups since the October 25 coup. Additionally, the statements called for independent investigations to be conducted into the deaths and related violence to hold those accountable.

The international community stressed the need to protect the rights of the Sudanese people to peaceful assembly in expressing their demands. Their statement also detailed their expectations of the security services and other armed groups to refrain from using more violence against peaceful demonstrators and civilians throughout the country, especially in Darfur.

Source: Radio Dabanga