Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly refused to discuss the Israeli occupation’s policy regarding Lebanon during a cabinet meeting on Thursday, as reported by the Israeli Walla! news site.

Netanyahu said he refused to engage in such discussions within the cabinet as he sees it as a “forum plagued by leaks,” sources familiar with the matter said.

During the cabinet session, several ministers raised the issue of Lebanon, posing questions about the Israeli occupation forces’ response policy.

Energy Minister Eli Cohen initiated the discussion by asserting that “a stricter response should be taken against Hezbollah.”

Netanyahu responded by saying, “As long as there is no war in the north, the issue of Lebanon is only discussed in the war cabinet, because everything said here is leaked.”

However, even within the War Cabinet, Netanyahu does not have much trust in his subordinates, for a December report by Israeli Channel 13 said Israeli Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi was searched before entering a
War Cabinet meeting.

As Halevi attempted to enter the hall, a security guard from the Prime Minister’s office insisted on inspecting Halevi’s belongings to ensure that he did not have any recording devices on his person, the channel’s political affairs correspondent reported.

The incident unfolded at “al-Bir,” located in the Security Ministry in “Tel Aviv”. Displeased with the situation, Halevi proceeded to enter the meeting hall. Once inside, he addressed those present, expressing his frustration with the security check.

Among the attendees was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s military secretary, who bore witness to Halevi’s discontent.


Earlier reports detailed how employees in the Prime Minister’s office were conducting inspections on officers who had participated in the War Cabinet meetings, requesting confirmation that they were not carrying any recording devices.

A more recent report highlighted that the growing disagreements among war cabinet members in the Israeli occupa
tion government have become a prominent topic addressed by Israeli media ever since the Israeli occupation forces began their genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli channel Makan reported that the cabinet rift deepened after an exchange of accusations among Israeli cabinet members in the last session. The rift indicated that more and more disagreements are surfacing especially after the no-show intention of two ministers of the Israeli occupation’s Benny Gantz-led “National Unity” alliance in the upcoming war cabinet meeting later today.

According to Israeli media, the two members who will refrain from joining this week’s war cabinet meeting are Gadi Eisenkot and Hailey Tropper. Israeli media further stressed that their decision came after the last session’s verbal row.

The Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, according to The Times of Israel, that anyone entering the war cabinet meetings and any discussions of “national security” matters, both members of cabinet and high-rankin
g officials, “must be compelled to undergo lie detector tests.”

According to Netanyahu, this comes in light of the leaks regarding a meeting in January, as well as those that preceded it where significant information was leaked to the press.

“We have a plague of leaks and I am not willing to continue like this, which is why I directed the promotion of a law that everyone who sits in cabinets and security discussions, including the political and professional ranks – will undergo a polygraph,” Channel 12 quoted Netanyahu as saying during the cabinet meeting.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon