NAS accuses South Sudan army of planning military offensives

(MOROBO) – The opposition National Salvation Front (NAS) led by Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka has expressed concerns over what it described as on-going military preparations of the South Sudanese army (SSPDF) to launch dry season offensives on its military bases.
In a statement issued Thursday, NAS said its military command is closely observing and monitoring hostile military activities which are taking place in several parts of South Sudan’s greater Equatoria regions.
“The looming SSPDF dry season offensive is an exercise in futility,” partly reads the statement issued by the group’s military spokesperson, Suba Samuel Manase.
It added, “This dry season offensive of the regime will only lead to the displacement of innocent civilians and disruption of access to humanitarian corridors.”
According NAS, SSPDF always used such offensives to loot property, commit mass rape, kill and displace villagers from their areas.
Meanwhile, the hold-out opposition group appealed to the Juba regime to abandon the path of war and engage in good faith to address the root causes of the conflict in the negotiation process.
The group also reiterated its commitment to the Cessions of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) signed in December 2017 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and the Rome Declaration signed January 2020 in Rome Italy.
The South Sudan army is yet to respond to the hold-out opposition group’s claims.

Source: Sudan Tribune