Munya faults miraa taskforce,

Meru Governor Peter Munya wants the national government to stop wasting time on miraa taskforce whose agenda he said was not clear to farmers.

He said the government should instead consider moving to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and present their case concerning the ban of sale of the produce in the European market.

“There are laws that guide countries trading together and this is what should be invoked. It is illegal for the European countries to ban our produce whereas we continue consuming theirs. “This is what the government of Kenya led by the President should do instead of coming up with a taskforce with an allocation of more than Sh600 million just to make a research on an alternative crop to replace miraa,” he said.

Mr Munya was speaking on Monday at Kanthiari dispensary during the launch of a cancer screening centre in Antubouchi/Kiegoi ward.

He said farmers needed miraa markets to be opened and not introduction of alternative crops.

“We do not require any research in our area to understand the crops we should grow. We already know this,” he said.

He further faulted the composition of the taskforce which allegedly comprised friends to the legislators from the regions where miraa was grown without considering their qualifications.

The constituencies include Igembe South, Igembe Central, Igembe North and Tigania East.

Mr Munya said this prompted the Meru county government, as an interested party to move to court together with other stakeholders to protest its composition.

The MPs from Meru including Mithika Linturi (Igembe South), Kubai Kiringo (Igembe Central), Florence Kajuju (Meru Woman Representative), Joseph M’Eruaki (Igembe North) and Mpuru Aburi (Tigania East) faulted the governor for the move which they said was a plan to stall the process of solving miraa stalemate.

However, Mr Munya said the stakeholders who are members of various miraa associations should have been included in the taskforce since they have more ideas about the business.

“Our plea to the court was to ensure stakeholders were involved in any committee that would be formed to look into miraa issues since they have vast knowledge of the business,” he said.

At the same time, the Governor called on a section of Meru County MPs to stop including him in a ‘scandal’ where they swindled farmers money contributed in Maili Tatu to file a case against miraa ban in London.

He said unlike the MPs, he did not handle any money and the Sh2 million the Meru government had promised to contribute was given to lawyer Henry Kurauka who in turn gave it to the lawyers in London.

“We have those receipts and whoever wants to prove this can come for them. Everyone should take his or her own cross without involving me in anyway,” he said.

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