Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People Republ : Li Keqiang Holds Talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany

On the morning of June 13, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang held talks at the Great Hall of the People with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who was paying an official visit to China.Premier Li Keqiang and Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke positively of the development of China-Germany relations. Li Keqiang expressed that China is ready to, together with Germany, well grasp the general direction of the development of bilateral relations, enhance political mutual trust, accelerate the docking of development strategies, deepen practical cooperation in various fields such as trade, investment, finance and industries, strengthen communication and coordination in international and regional affairs, and support close non-governmental and local exchanges between both sides, so as to promote comprehensive upgrade of China-Germany relationship and cooperation and better benefit the two peoples.Li Keqiang pointed out that it is the common responsibility of all World Trade Organization (WTO) members to defend the solemnity of the international trade system, which also conforms to the common interests of all sides. Having created massive employment opportunities, China-EU trade is essential to both economies. It is hoped that the EU can focus on the overall situation and long-term development of China-EU cooperation, earnestly fulfill the obligations in Section 15 of the Protocol on the Accession of China to the WTO, and drop the Surrogate Country approach against China in anti-dumping investigations as scheduled, so as to create conditions for China-EU trade and investment to achieve further liberalization and facilitation as well as mutual benefit and win-win results as a better level. It is hoped that Germany can also make active efforts to this end.Li Keqiang stressed that China-Germany relations are an important component of China-EU relations. The Chinese side devotes itself to promoting China-EU cooperation, attaches importance to developing relationship with EU member states, and pays close attention to the positions and roles of EU organizations. I will soon hold the 18th China-EU Leaders’ Meeting with leaders of EU organizations. It is hoped that the meeting can further promote the implementation of various consensus reached by the two sides, continuously open up new ideas and areas of bilateral practical cooperation and achieve breakthroughs in trade, investment and other areas, so as to inject new impetus for the development of China-Europe relationship as well as relations between China and EU countries.Angela Merkel expressed that Germany is delighted to see the continuous development of Germany-China relations. Germany stands ready to maintain high-level exchanges, accelerate the docking of Germany’s ‘Industry 4.0′ strategy with China’s industrial upgrade, and enhance bilateral cooperation in such fields as finance, automobile manufacturing, information technology and aviation. It is believed that the launch of third-party cooperation between the two countries will achieve positive results. The German government is open to Chinese enterprises’ investment in Germany. It is hoped that both countries can further promote two-way investment. Germany will make positive efforts on the issue of obligation performance as stipulated in Section 15 of the Protocol on the Accession of China to the WTO in due course, and is willing to vigorously promote personnel exchanges, especially those between both youths.Both sides also exchanged in-depth views on international and regional issues of common concern.Before the talks, Li Keqiang held a welcome ceremony for Angela Merkel at the North Hall of the Great Hall of the People. Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Wang Zhengwei and others were present.Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China published this content on 13 June 2016 and is solely responsible for the information contained herein.
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