Ministers And Heads of Commissions Sworn Into Office In Jonglei State

Philip Aguer Panyang, the Governor of Jonglei State has fully appointed his cabinet.

By Juuk Othana Mading

BOR 29 April 2016 [Gurtong] –Governor Aguer made the statement while speaking during the swearing in ceremony of the newly appointed ministers, heads of commissions and members of the Council of ministers hall on Monday.

“This morning [Monday] I can simply declare that the formation of the government of Jonglei State is complete and we have to celebrate. Today we have the members of Duk County and we are complete. Now those who want to organize the celebrations they can continue”, he assured.
He urged the ministers to remain united and peacefully coexist for progress in Jonglei State.

In his speech, Akech Deng Kuany, the State Minister of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports thanked the Governor for the trust he has entrusted in him a member of Jonglei State.

 “This is a new beginning; new beginnings that will remove doubt amongst ourselves and put our feet down and know that there will be nobody in the world who can buy the trust of the people of South Sudan. It is from us as South Sudanese to sit down and accept each other and work”, he stressed.

On his part the State Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mayen Ngor Atem said he will continue to serves diligently with dignity and to his full potential.

“Truly, I pledge allegiance to do what I can to promote the development of the agriculture sector in the State and cooperate fully with the State leadership”, he pledged.

“With resources we have, we must produce our own food, we must feed ourselves and we must create market locally for our farmers and delivery of services to our people and our local farmers. While our agriculture potentials are great, we must be productive”, he added.

On behalf of heads and members of Commissions, Mr. Deng Kut said, “We will do our best to cooperate but we cannot work also without your cooperation. Whether you are holding a position or you are just a member of any public institution, we will go hand in hand together.”

“We hope we will cooperate. We hope our people will get services. We hope we will learn from each other because nobody is wiser than the other”, he added.

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