Michael Gove says Britain's future outside the EU would also be outside the single market – but what does that mean?

So the picture is clear.

A little.

Thanks to Michael Gove we know that Britain’s future outside the EU would also be outside the single market.

So we can rule out our future looking like Norway or Iceland: both outside the EU but both members of the European Economic Area which pay for access to the single market and accept free movement of workers.

Vote Leave’s future plan for the UK would be outside the EU and outside the EEA.

Does that leave an option a bit like Switzerland’s: inside the European Free Trade Association?


But no.

Because Switzerland, has to accept Free Movement of workers (one of the most contentious parts of our EU membership).

And Mr Gove then went on to say the UK would negotiate a free trade deal without having to accept free movement.

The Leave camp believes Germany won’t want to make its cars more expensive for British consumers and French farmers won’t want to make their cheeses and wines less competitive by making it more difficult.

So they will be willing to give the UK a better deal than anyone that exists at the moment.

I asked Mr Gove if he could name a single other country which – under the scenario described above – has its cake and eats it, and he did not.

But Michael Give did say we could have a relationship with the EU a bit like Bosnia, Serbia and Albania.

Not perhaps the best slogan of the campaign but they do occupy a position in a wider free trade zone which ‘stretches from Iceland to Turkey’.

So to recap the UK position will be this: not Norway, Swiss-esque with some elements of Albania.

So it’s clearer.

But not, what you might call, crystal clear.

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