Memo of Understanding Signed with Saudi Delegation for Treatment of Medical Waste

Memo of Understanding Signed with Saudi Delegation for Treatment of Medical Waste
Khartoum, Mar. 14 (SUNA)- The Minister of Environment and Urban Development, Dr. Hassan Abdul-Gadir Hilal, disclosed that a memo of understanding was signed with the Saudi delegation, which is participating in the First Environmental Conference of Khartoum State, and the administration of the Saudi - Sudanese Factory for treatment of medical waste and achieving zero emissions.
An agreement was reached unite two lines to produce 36,000 tons per hour to cover 60% of the requirements of medical burners in Sudan at Haskanita area in western Omdurman and a number of burners at the Saudi Hospital in Omdurman.
Dr. Hilal said that the agreement is regarded as a big accomplishment, indicating that this project will be implemented in the capitals of the states in the current year.
He said that agreement was signed with a number of Saudi, Chinese, French and Japanese companies to generate electricity from the solar energy.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Higher Council of Environment in Khartoum State, Maj. Gen. Omer Nimir, said that the advantages of the First Environment Conference included providing opportunities for the participants to negotiate and to expose plans and projects in the field of sustainable development in Sudan, under auspices of the Ministry of Environment and the ministries of the states.
He said that the conference has achieved its objectives through the participation of the public and private sectors, the scientific research institutions and the beneficiaries of the shelterbelt.

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