Majongdit says OPP resolved dispute over positions; Kornelio denies

Peter Mayen Majongdit, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and a leading member of the Other Political parties (OPP), has said there are no serious differences within the grouping and that they have resolved their internal issues.
In an interview with Radio Tamazuj this afternoon, Minister Peter Majongdit claimed that they met as OPP components and resolved all outstanding issues on three deputy governor positions today.
“I can state that we have the three slots for deputy governors, another for a speaker and deputy speaker of state parliaments and also some ministerial positions in state governments,” he said.
Asked about the submission of two lists for deputy governor positions by the OPP, one by him and another by the other parties in the OPP to the president, Majongdit said, “I am not aware of this. But I know individual parties in the OPP have submitted separate party lists to the office of the president.”
Pressed about the disagreement within the OPP about the submission of a list by him to the president, he said, “As of now the list of the OPP is ready.”
Asked if they have met as OPP, Majongdit said, “Yes, we have held a meeting and agreed, God willing all the issues are now resolved.”
“The three deputy governor slots cannot be divided among all the parties in the OPP. Others will have to wait for ministerial positions in the state governments,” the minister added.
“There are some power-hungry people who want everything. Also, some of the parties in the OPP don’t have people in some of the states allocated to us. So positions should go to parties within the OPP who have people on the ground in those states.”
For his part, Kornelio Kon Ngu, the leader of the national alliance of political parties and a leading member of the grouping, Other Political Parties (OPP), denied that the OPP components met and agreed today.
“It is not true that we agreed. We did not meet today as members of the OPP. We waited for Peter Mayen to come this morning so that we hold a meeting but he didn’t show up,” Kornelio Kon said. “We have received an invitation this afternoon from Presidential Adviser Tut Gatluak to hold a meeting on Wednesday. So I want to confirm that there is no agreement among the OPP components on the nominees.”

Source: Radio Tamazuj