Machnouk hopes moving toward complete environmental management

Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk said on Tuesday that Lebanon was in a state of emergency concerning the treatment of trash that has been piled up for ten months, and pinned hopes on moving toward a full environmental management of the waste dossier.

Machnouk spoke during the commencement of a regional workshop on the management of hazardous medical waste, held at Le Royal Hotel - Dbayeh, in presence of several figures and representatives of different countries; Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritania, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Djibouti, Somalia and Lebanon.

While voicing regrets over the absence of Gulf States due to the recent decision of the GCC, Machnouk focused on the danger posed by medical waste, whose treatment required a complete ecological management.

He recalled that the Lebanese government had been working since 1996 to develop a plan for hospital waste management, together with the ecological orientation campaigns.

Machnouk revealed that the Ministry of the Environment issued from 2005 several permits for the creation of institutions responsible for sterilizing the hazardous and infectious waste from hospitals, after approval of impact studies ecological.

"The ministry filed a complaint against a public health institution for failing to comply with the decree on sterilization of infectious waste (...)", he said, and affirmed that another decree on the management of hazardous waste as well as two decisions on the conditions of contaminated waste transportation, were being prepared.

Source: National News Agency

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