Lightning strikes man dead, critically injures another in Lopa/Lafon

A 38-year-old man was struck dead and another man critically injured by lightning in the Mura-Lopit area of Eastern Equatoria Lopa/Lafon County on Monday evening.
The late only identified as James was in the company of three other men who were injured. The men were going fishing at Midihir stream before heavy rains started and tragedy struck.
“They were four in number. They were going fishing up to that side of Mura-Lopit. Three from Mura and one from Lohobohobo. It was at 3 pm when the rain came. Lightning came and hit them; they fell to the ground. One of them died and the rest were injured with one in critical condition,” said the deputing chairperson of the Lopit community Luka Kidi speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday.
Kidi added that two of the men managed to return home to report the case.
According to the Otuho culture, Kidi pointed out, when one is struck by lighting, there is either a reason or the person is presumed cursed. However, he advised the aggrieved family to grieve their kin saying deaths come in different ways.
“We are giving condolence to the family of the late. Secondly, people should mourn knowing that death comes in different ways. I am encouraging them not to think negatively that maybe somebody has caused the death of this man We need to trust God,” he added.
The local leader said lightning strikes are not a new phenomenon in the area. Three years ago, a man and woman were struck dead by lightning in Bule and Mura-lopit in the same county.

Source: Radio Tamazuj