Letters: Any trade deal with the EU must preserve Britain’s financial freedom

SIR – We voted, by a democratic majority, to rid ourselves of the shackles of the EU. It is unacceptable to suggest that we should continue to waste billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on this organisation by paying for access to the single market

Our access benefits both us and the EU family of trading nations, but any interference with this will cost them more than it will us. 

Britain has more to gain from resorting to World Trade Organisation tariffs, as the EU exports more to Britain than it imports from us. Hence we would collect more duty from the EU than we would have to pay.

As for the supposed threat to London’s position as a financial centre, I do not believe the rest of the world will be rushing to put their money into the shambolic eurozone. 

T T Weller 
Brightwalton, Berkshire

Brexit Secretary David Davis hints at EU market access

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