Letters: A clean break from the EU would usher in a new era for global trade

SIR – It is difficult to find any argument against “Clean Brexit”, advocated by Liam Halligan.

If we inform the EU, immediately after invoking Article 50, that we shall start trading under World Trade Organisation rules, this will put the onus on European negotiators to be pragmatic. Not only will their industrial conglomerates be arguing for pro-British agreements in order to continue trading as before, but we will save billions on our annual EU contributions.

Clean Brexit is a practical and transparent position, which will minimise damage to Britain and allow the immediate expansion of trade deals with the rest of the world.

B J Colby

PM holds talks at EU summit in Brussels

Watch | PM holds talks at EU summit in Brussels


SIR – The chance of Britain negotiating a good deal with the present leaders of EU member states is close to zero. 

Much better to agree a transitional arrangement, taking us formally out of the EU as soon as possible (perhaps as part of the European…

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