ADDIS ABABA, -- The Presidents of Sudan and Djibouti who graced the celebrations here Thursday to mark Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Day (NNPD) have festival congratulated the people of Ethiopia on marking the annual festival which honour its more than 80 nations and nationalities with their respective cultural, linguistic, religious and other pecularities.

President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir of Sudan spoke at the 11th NNPD festival in Harari Regional State in northwestern Ethiopia, honouring the event on behalf of the people of neighbouring Sudan.

This festival which is held annually is being attended in this great city of Harar which is distinguished for its culture and its civilization because it has been a centre of trade between the Horn Africa and Arab peninsula, said President al-Bashir.

Mentioning the deep-rooted cultural and people-to-people links between Ethiopia and Sudan, he added that these ties had had a great impact on enhancing and strengthening all aspects of the relationship.

The joint committees of the two nations are helping in advancing their economic collaboration, he recalled, expressing gratitude to the government of Ethiopia for the invitation to attend the colourful festival in Harar.

The day creates opportunities to Ethiopian people to enhance their diversity in unity for common political, economic and social benefit, according to President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn and other senior government officials were also present at the event at Harar's Aw-Abadir Stadium.

Cultural shows and dances of the various Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples were the key features of the annual festival.

Afar Regional State in northeastern Ethiopia has been chosen to host the 12th Nations, Nationalities and People's Day festival next year.

Source: Nam News Network

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