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Lawyers hand over Sudan’s transitional constitutional document to facilitators

Sudanese lawyers handed over transitional constitutional proposals to the tripartite facilitation mechanism which has to combine various proposals and recommendations before facilitating an intra-Sudanese dialogue to restore the path of democratic transition.

Political, civil society, women and tribal groups made propositions to end the political vacuum in the country after the ouster of the civilian government formed by the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) based on a constitutional declaration adopted in August 2019.

“The Trilateral Mechanism met today with the Bar Association’s Steering Committee, received their proposal on constitutional arrangements to guide the transition to democratic rule,” said the facilitation panel in a tweet on Saturday.

The mechanism “welcomed their continued efforts to include a vast array of civilian political parties and forces,” further reads the short statement.

The lawyers’ delegation was received by UNITAMS Head Volker Perthes, IGAD Envoy for Peace Ismail Wais and African Union Representative to Sudan Mohamed Belaiche.

The controversial Mohamed el-Hassan Lebat, African Union Special Envoy to Sudan is no longer part of the Trilateral Mechanism. Last July, he was appointed as the chair of the AU Supervision and Follow-up Committee on Libya.

The FFC-backed draft constitutional declaration for democratic transition in Sudan provides for the formation of a civilian cabinet and the formation of a national security council including the military but led by a civilian.

The political forces signatories to the political declaration will choose the members of the Sovereign Councils, the 25-member cabinet and the legislative council, in addition to the governors of the regions and states, the chief justice and his deputies, the chief and members of the Constitutional Court.

The draft constitution did not specify the number of members of the Sovereign Council but provided

that the chairmanship rotates among its members for a period to be determined by the parties.

Source: Sudan Tribune


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