KHARTOUM, — Sudan and South Sudan have agreed to commence immediately the re-deployment of their forces outside the secure and demilitarized zone and to submit a report on this within 21 days to the African Union (AU) High-Level Implementation Panel.

At the end of the meetings of the Joint Political and Security Committee of the two countries here Monday, the two neighbours agreed to re-activate immediately the joint committee for verification and monitoring and to operate it at maximum capacity and to revive its works at Malakal and Buram sectors within a period of not more than three months.

They also agreed to re-activate the committee for complaints through the joint security committee which is co-headed by the Directors of Intelligence in the two countries.

The two sides have agreed to reactivate immediately the committee of the Mile 14 area which is to be under the direct supervision of the Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces of Sudan and South Sudan.

The two countries also agreed to hold a meeting of the technical committee for border crossings in the South Sudan capital, Juba, within two weeks to set the priorities, the timetable and the arrangements for implementing the first stage which was agreed upon by the concerned authorities at the Ministries of Interior of both countries.

Sudan and South Sudan agreed to open a new chapter for strengthening the co-operation between the two countries in the military and security fields. The agreed to adopt the suitable means for solving the problems relating to the support for negative movements toward enhancing bilateral co-operation and rebuilding confidence for reaching the aspired goals.

They have agreed on strengthening relations between the security and intelligence organs in the two countries in the fields of the exchange of information and resolving all the security problems.

The two sides declared their commitment at the security level to refrain from supporting and harboring any rebels or outlaws and to prevent them from getting any military, political or information support.

Sudan and South Sudan agreed to re-activate the joint mechanisms for combating across border crimes, drug trafficking, arms trade, money laundering, human trafficking and the terrorist groups.

The two countries agreed to establish three consulates in the major towns along the joint border and the buffer demilitarized zone.

They also agreed to transfer Ida refugees’ camp to inside South Sudan State in accordance with the customs and the International Humanitarian Law.

Agreement was reached between Sudan and South Sudan sides to give directives to their forces and field commanders along the joint border to cooperate with the concerned mechanisms and to help their perform the tasks assigned to them.

The two parties agreed that each hosting party shall be committed to facilitating and supporting works of the branch committees of the Joint Security Committee and directed this committee to add more Police elements to its branch committees.

They also agreed on opening direct channels and a hot line of communication between the Directors of Intelligence in the two countries.

They two sides have agreed to hold their coming ordinary meeting in Juba on Aug 9, 2016 to assess implementation of the agreements which were reached between them.



Source: Name News Network

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