Kenting tourism needs a boost 墾丁中國客減 旅遊業促釋利多

Following the presidential election, the number of Chinese tourists visiting the Hengchun Peninsula has fallen by about 20 percent. Tourism business owners hope that the government will propose strategies for stimulating the tourism industry, such as offering a new batch of tourism consumer subsidies, so as to perk up Taiwanese people’s enthusiasm for tourism.

Pingtung Hotel Commercial Trade Association chairman Chang Jung-nan says that Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China were the main sources of visitors to Pingtung, but they fell to 10 percent of total visitors after the general election. Now, following the Lunar New Year, there are only domestic tourists left. This makes business owners rather anxious, and they hope the authorities will issue citizens’ travel vouchers, directly providing real subsidies to tourism businesses, which would be a shot in the arm for tourism.

Chang says that Taiwan’s regulations regarding visas for overseas visitors are complicated, and this is an inconvenience for many backpackers who would like to visit Taiwan. Chang suggests that in future the government should think about relaxing visa requirements, as this would help develop the Southeast Asian market.

An experienced independent travelers’ tour guide surnamed Han says that one possibility would be to reshuffle the cards to take in fewer Chinese visitors on package tours, since higher-quality independent travelers would bring more tangible benefits to Taiwan’s economy.

Chang Chi-kuang, general manager of the Howard Beach Resort Kenting, says he hopes the government will once again offer travel vouchers. Chang says this would lead to overall upgrading not only of legal hotels and guesthouses, but also related transport, catering and services, thus reinvigorating domestic tourism.


1. batch n.

波;批 (bo1; pi1)

例: A new batch of radios has just arrived at our warehouse.


2. perk up v. phr.

帶動;活絡;振興 (dai4 dong4; huo2 luo4; zhen4 xing1)

例: A cup of coffee might perk you up a bit.


3. a shot in the arm phr.

強心劑 (qiang2 xin1 ji4)

例: Archie’s invention has given the company a shot in the arm.


The Chateau Beach Resort says that, thanks to an increase in Taiwanese tourists, business volume has grown slightly in the first quarter. The resort says it will invite disc jockeys from abroad for the coming spring music festival season, in the hope that this will attract fans of European and American music.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)








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