Kadugli residents protest insecurity in South Kordofan’s capital

(KHARTOUM) – Kadugli residents protested the increase of violence and armed robbery attacks by armed men, a local rights group reported on Monday.
In a statement extended to the Sudan Tribune, Hudo a human rights group in South Kordofan said that Kadugli residents took to the street on 27 December to protest the worsening security situation in the state’s capital.
Hudo underscored the inertia of the local security authorities saying the police did not take serious steps to arrest the malefactors.
“For this reason, on 27 December 2020 Kadugli’s residents organized a demonstration march and delivered their message to the state government condemning the state of insecurity and demanded safety (security),” said the group.
According to the statement, a man was shot dead in his house in Alkooz neighbourhood on 17 December, another resident was also injured by gunshot in his right leg by armed robbers who stole his belongings from his house.
A third man was killed in a similar attack by four armed men on 24 December. While a lady was robbed of her mobile phone and money on the morning of 18 December.
The ongoing armed conflict in the South Kordofan state since June 2011 between the Sudanese government and the SPLM-N al-Hilu largely contributed to the spread of arms in the area.
Despite their failure to reach a peace agreement, the warring parties agreed to stop hostilities until a deal is clinched.

Source: Sudan Tribune