Jordanian team wins 2nd prize in Huawei ICT Competition

A Jordanian team from the Faculty of Information Technology at Yarmouk University (YU) and Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) won second place in Huawei ICT Competition 2022 2023 Global Final, in “Network Track,” which was recently held in China. According to a YU statement on Monday, the team comprised of student Yazan Shnik from the YU Faculty of Information Technology, and Aws Rayyan and Hamza Zubaidi from PSUT. Director of the YU Center for E-Learning and Open Educational Resources, Ahmed Kleib, who oversaw the participation, said the competition was attended by 140 teams from 62 countries around the world. Kleib added that the competition aimed mainly at developing youth tech and information capabilities and preparing a talented technical generation to contribute to building the Kingdom’s digital economy, and advancing its social and economic development by seizing modern technologies. Meanwhile, YU President, Islam Massad, greeted the Jordanian team on this achievement, valuing efforts of the university’s faculty members in presenting expertise to students, to obtain “distinguished” job opportunities in the Arab and regional labor market.

Source: Jordan News Agency