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Jordan urges human rights organizations to broadcast events in Gaza

Lower House Speaker Ahmed Safadi has called on human rights organizations to broadcast the killing, displacement, and inhumane abuse of children and women happening in Gaza, in light of the media blackout practiced by the Israeli occupation to conceal the truth from the world.

During a meeting of the parliament’s Public Freedoms and Human Rights Committee, attended by representatives of human rights organizations and institutions operating in Gaza, Safadi emphasized the need for more efforts to raise awareness about the atrocities committed by the brutal occupation in the Gaza Strip.

The committee’s chairman, MP Abdullah Abu Zaid, condemned the global silence and great betrayal of humanity in the face of the tragedy witnessed in Gaza, as well as the bias toward the Zionist side, which attacked and carried out crimes and genocide, displacement, targeting hospitals and schools, and cutting off energy, water, and medicine to civilians.

He praised His Majesty the King for his key role in stopping the war, pro
viding humanitarian corridors, and bringing in relief, stressing that His Majesty had forewarned of this eruption due to the refusal to provide Palestinians their rights and the onslaught on their life for a long period.

Cristina Albertin, the Regional Representative for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in the Middle East and North Africa, emphasized that the organization has been fully committed to the UN’s international standards for 23 years.

She further stated that the current human rights crisis demands immediate attention towards the protection of civilians and their rights during the war.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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