JCC, interior ministry raise alarm over drug abuse

The Juba City Council (JCC) and the national interior ministry on Wednesday gave a scary picture of a bleak future awaiting the country if urgent steps are not taken to tackle the high rise of drug abuse by mostly youth.

Addressing a press conference following a meeting with Interior Minister Mahmoud Solomon over the matter, Juba City Mayor Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said their meeting aimed to find ways of addressing issues related to drug abuse and expired goods and drugs. He said the city authorities had noted an increase in the consumption of methamphetamine (commonly known as ice) which he said is very dangerous.

“The meeting discussed issues about the abuse of drugs and alcoholic spirits like the one which is called ‘Jenafar’ because they are contributing so much in destroying our youths and most of the criminals are using those drugs,” he said. “One of the new drugs is methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, and it is being consumed in large quantities in Juba. It makes you dormant for not less than a week so that you do things the way you want.”

Mayor Allah-Jabu said the city council will work closely with the police to identify the suppliers of methamphetamines. He also said prostitution was on the rise in the city and said he had reached out to the police to help curb the vice.

“We do not know exactly where these drugs come from but we are looking for the source that is why we are creating modalities and coming out with these resolutions so that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) can act and apprehend the suppliers,” he said. “The JCC used to have weekly emergency operations in the field in some of the areas like Cassava near the bridge, Atlabara behind Jerusalem Pharmacy, Kakuma Market, and other places known for drugs.”

The mayor vowed to clean the city of drugs as the country awaits the coming of Pope Francis, the Bishop of Canterbury and the Moderator General of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church next month.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson Gen. Daniel Justin Buolo said they have beefed up security ahead of the Pope’s apostolic visit.

“The plan is very comprehensive and it is in place. We have already started gathering information on what should be done during the Pope’s visit,” he said. “The security forces are ready, especially the police, because they will be the ones leading the security coverage, especially in the places of prayers where the public will be.”

Source: Radio Tamazuj