Japan support human security projects in the Red Sea State

Khartoum, 24 March (SUNA) – Japan has pledged over 80 thousands US dollars for the establishment of a woman Vocational Training center in Toker Locality of the Red Sea State, eastern Sudan, within the context of the Japanese assistance to human security projects in the country.

An agreement to this effect was signed in Khartoum Thursday by the Japanese ambassador to the Sudan Mr. H Ito who stressed the keenness of his government to help secure the basic humanitarian needs, capacity building within the Japanese assistance to the Sudan.

He said vocational training provides a good chance for improving living and livelihood for those who receive the training. He said the center would provide tools and training in the domain of food industries, bread production, sewing and handmade activities to help women and to revive the local markets and raise the standards of living.

Chairman of the Abu Hidaia Society, Abdul Gadir Omar Ohajj, expressed his thanks and gratitude for the Japanese grand saying it has come on time to help the local community, adding that the rand which stands at 80,455 usd, would help the local community given the fact that Tokker delta has over 406 thousands fedans of arable land and that the fertile land and other merits would bring down the cost of cultivation and other agriculture activities by 14 percent,. He said no chemical fertlizers would be used.

He said there was abundance of production but was not used to the best possible ends because of the lack of training, however, with this Japanese grant women would be trained as to how best use the agriculture produce in Toker area, thus benefiting the local and the producers.

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