Islamist accused of inciting violence at University of Khartoum

The administration of the University of Khartoum has accused one of Sudan’s most prominent Islamic fundamentalists Dr Mohamed El Jazouli, head of the Salafist Nusrat El Sharia and the Advocacy of State of Law, and his party’s members of inciting violence and insulting the University of Khartoum administration at the University’s mosque.

On Friday, El Jazouli � who has been vocal in his support of his support for Islamic State � encouraged those who attended the sermon at the mosque of the University of Khartoum to get ready and prepare for self-sacrifice against the transitional government.

He also encouraged the army to seize power, dissolve the transitional government, annul the signed constitutional document, and called for an early election.

‘Hate speech’

The university confirmed that it will take legal action against El Jazouli to prevent such hate speech and inciting violence from occurring in the future.

In a press statement, the University’s media department explained that they were surprised by El Jazouli when he ascended to the pulpit of the mosque half an hour before Goma prayer. The statement stressed that he came with no coordination with the mosque’s administration. The statement also revealed that the university’s students objected to El Jazouli’s Friday sermon.

In 2015, Radio Dabanga reported that El Jazouli repeated his support for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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