Islamic group moves its headquarters outside Sudan

(KHARTOUM)- The Islamic Appeal Organization (MADA) vowed to pursue a lawsuit to recover properties confiscated by the government of Sudan and decided to transfer the headquarters to other countries.
The former regime dismantling committee, established by the transitional government decided to dissolve the MADA in April 2020, devolving all its properties and investments for the benefit of the Sudanese state.
The organization served for a long time as a façade to cover the political activities of the Sudanese Islamists. They recorded at its headquarters the first statement of the military coup led by al-Bashir on June 30, 1989.
The Board of Trustees “stressed the need to continue legal procedures to recover the organization, its properties and institutions, and to address any disputes under the rule of law,” reads a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Tuesday.
The leadership body tasked its chairman and his deputy to reach out the Sudanese government to reconsider its decisions regarding the organization and its institutions in order to reach a solution satisfactory for both parties, further said the religious group.
The board elected the Qatari Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud as Chairman, and South Sudanese Musa Almak as Deputy Chairman of the board of trustees.
MADA Secretary-General Atta al-Manan Bakhit was former security service officer before to move the foreign ministry and join the Islamic Cooperation Organization. In 2017-19 he served as deputy foreign minister.
The meeting decided to move the organization’s headquarters outside Sudan, authorizing the president of the board of trustees to sign a headquarters agreement with countries that expressed readiness to host the organization.
The Islamist organization which seeks to spread Islam in Africa says they are working in 41 African countries implementing development and humanitarian programmes, health care and education.

Source: Sudan Tribune