Imotong State celebrates first harvest from demonstration farm

Authorities in the Imotong State celebrated the first harvest of crops grown in the Green Horizon Farm, a demonstration farm which is intended to teach citizens on best practices in farming. The crops grown in this farm include sorghum, carrots, onions, millet, and maize. The event was attended by a number of dignitaries, including; David Yauyau, the Deputy Minister of Defense, Valentino Wani, the Deputy Governor of Tereka State, the Hon. Chameleon Waiwai, State Minister of Agriculture of Tereka State, and the National Minister of Agriculture, John Okille.

During his speech, the Imotong State Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Victor Agalik, said that one of the contributing factors to the success of the farm is the amount of land and the technology employed.

He stated that the farm is a government initiative to curtail the ever-present hunger in the country, “This farm is an initiative of the government of South Sudan and it is implemented by the global company Horizon.”

The minister also commended Green Horizon, an Israeli Global company, and the communities of Ibalany and Bur for working hand in hand to ensure the project is a success.

The Undersecretary in the National Ministry Agriculture, the Hon. John Okilek, urged citizens to stay away from conflict, and to concentrate on farming. He then went on, with a quote, “Do not eat to eat but eat to work, if one doesn’t work one doesn’t eat”, a famous South Korean proverb which he believes represents the sentiments of any industrious society geared towards prosperity.

In his closing remarks during the event, the Imotong State Governor His Excellency Nartisio Loluke emphasized on the need to improve the security situation in the State. He further said people should forget and forgive and join hands in the war against the so-called unknown gunmen which he said many are already under arrest. He further said the citizens of the State need both security and food; and that the primary responsibility of maintaining security lies in the hands of the ‘Monyemiji’.

The governor openly declared war against famine and said the war could easily be worn by increasing the energy in farming which could be used as a weapon to fight against all the “isms’. …

“We want to fight against poverty, against diseases, against ignorance, against tribalism against nepotism and the entire ism”

Meanwhile the Deputy Minister of interior Hon. David Yauyau recognized the role played by the UN agencies including UNMISS…

“What happened within the circle of United Nations or UNMISS, there are also some development that need to be initiated there to the local community. I am sure that your present within the local State has contributed so much in terms of security issues and maintain of the peace”.

Hon. David Yauyua praised the spirit of unity displayed by the government and citizens of Imotong State.

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