House Foreign Committee, Brazilian envoy talk Gaza developments

Chairman of the Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee, Khaldoun Haina, said priority now focuses on halting Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, killing of civilians, women and children, allowing humanitarian aid to enter the coastal enclave as quickly as possible, and ending Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the two-state solution.

During the committee’s meeting with the Brazilian Ambassador to Jordan, Marcio Fagundes, Haina warned of the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza and its repercussions on the entire region, due to lack of a political horizon for resolving the Palestinian cause.

Haina also demanded Israeli occupation to respect international resolutions and the international community and respond to calls to stop the brutal aggression against Gaza Strip.

The situation in the West Bank began to worsen due to settlers’ attacks on Palestinians, under support of the Israeli occupation forces, he noted.

Meanwhile, the committee’s members valued Brazil’s position regarding the Israeli aggre
ssion on Gaza, referring to similarity of views on common issues, primarily the Palestinian issue.

The lawmakers stressed that Brazil plays an “important and major” role in the United Nations General Assembly, which contributes to making the region more secure and stable.

The MPs called for increasing the volume of trade exchange between the two friendly countries, and benefiting from mutual expertise in all fields to serve common interests.

For his part, Fagundes said his country agrees with Jordan over a political vision to achieve the region’s peace, stability and security, valuing Jordan’s role, under His Majesty King Abdullah II’s leadership, regarding the Hashemite custodianship over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

The King, Fagundes noted, always talks about the law and its implementation, as the demarcating line from chaos, noting that Jordan is a “major” factor for moderation and efforts to achieve the Middle East stability.

Regarding Israeli aggression against Gaza, Fagun
des said: “His country supports implementation of all resolutions issued by the United Nations concerned with protecting rights of states to their security and stability,” stressing Brazil’s rejection of all types of violence.

Through its official channels, he said Brazil rejects the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, adding that his country supports Jordan to end the Middle East conflict.

Source: Jordan News Agency